The Jimmy And Greg Show
June 2, 2012

To view a picture click on any thumbnail image below.  When you click on a thumbnail image the larger photo will be displayed.  There is a left-arrow, home button, and right-arrow displayed above the picture.  Clicking on the right-arrow will take you to the next picture in the photo sequence.  Clicking on the left-arrow will take you back one picture in the photo sequence.  Clicking on the home button will bring you back to this page.  You can return to the Ventana Lakes Photo Gallery page by clicking on the "Return" button below.

TIP: To view all the large photos one after the other without having to repeatedly come back to the thumbnail pages, first left-click on the first image below.  Then position your mouse curser over the right-arrow and left-click to view each photo one after the other.  Don't move your mouse pointer, and continue to left-click over the right-arrow until you view all the photos that are available in this gallery.  When you get to the last photo, the right-arrow will disappear and you can then left-click on the home button to bring you back to this page.

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