Ventana Lakes
Property Owners' Association


Ventana Lakes "Welcome" Slideshow
For New Residents

Click on the Welcome Mat above or on the link below to view the "Welcome" Slideshow.  The slideshow plays for about 15 minutes and presents an overview of the Ventana Lakes Community and its Property Owners' Association.  This slideshow is intended as a welcoming presentation for new residents and potential new residents. 

The slideshow should be viewed using a high speed Internet connection.  It may not play properly or may not play at all with a telephone dialup connection.

When you click on the slideshow link it will take several seconds (possibly as much as 3 minutes depending on your internet speed) for the slideshow to download, and then it will start playing automatically.  The slideshow will open with a black screen and start playing background music, so have your computer sound turned-on.

You can pause the slideshow by clicking on the Pause button, or advance rapidly through the slideshow by left-clicking and holding your mouse cursor on the slider and moving it to the left or right.

After the slideshow is finished, click the Back button of your browser to return to this page, and then click the "Back" button below to return to the VLPOA Home Page.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow.

CLICK HERE to view the
Ventana Lakes Welcome Slideshow