Ventana Lakes
Property Owners' Association

Ventana Lakes Rules

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Ventana Lakes Rules

The Ventana Lakes Rules are a compilation of rules established by the Board of Directors.  These rules are intended to clarify requirements of the CC&Rs which may be unclear, and establish rules for the Property Owners Association.  The Ventana Lakes Rules are separated into sections by Rule Number.  To view the contents of each section click on following Rule Number or the Rule Description.

Rule Number 

Rule Description

1 Architectural And Landscaping Requirements
2 Gardens Landscaping And Exterior Requirements
3 Common Areas And Facilities
4 Fees And Charges; Requests For Records
5 Residents Contracting With The Association
6 Rental / Lease Of Homes
7 Compliance, Conduct, Due process
8 Board Of Director Rules
9 Rules For Community Management
10 Volunteers And Establishment Of Committees
11 Rules For the Architectural Committee
12 Rules For The Lakes Committee
13 Rules For The Landscape Committee
14 Rules For The Finance Committee
15 Rules For The Election Committee
16 Rules For The Gardens Advisory Committee
17 Rules For The Maintenance Committee
18 Rules For Strategic Planning / Vision Committee
19 Rules For The Ad Hoc Shared Wall Committee
20 Rules For The Facilities Oversight Committee


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