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Ventana Lakes

Here are some photos of events and activities from around Ventana Lakes.  You might be in some of these photos so look around to find your photo.  You can even copy, print, and e-mail these photos - See the Copying Photos instructions at the bottom of this page.  If you are in some of these pictures tell your family and friends to visit our website at and click on the "Photo Gallery" link from the Menu Bar and have a look.

To view our photos first click on one of the Photo Gallery links below and a thumbnail photo page will pop-up.  Then click on any thumbnail to see a larger photo.

There will also be a left-arrow, home button, and right-arrow displayed above the picture.  Clicking on the right-arrow will take you forward one photo to the next picture.  Clicking on the left-arrow will take you backwards one photo in the photo sequence.  Clicking on the home button (or up arrow) will return you to the thumbnail's page.  You can then return to this Photo Gallery page by clicking on the RETURN button.

Instructions For Copying Photos For Personal Use:

You can copy any picture you like for personal use off these photo gallery web pages.  First left-click on the thumbnail image of the picture you want to bring up the larger photo.  Then right-click anywhere on the face of the larger photo and a pop-up menu will appear.  Now left-click on "Save Picture As" from the pop-up menu.  Rename the photo in the File Name box to a name you can better recognize, and change the file extension (letters to right of the dot) to jpg from jpeg (if jpeg is shown) making sure you do not remove the dot.  Navigate to a folder where you want to save the photo on your computer's hard disk.  Then left-click on save.  The photo will then be saved to your computer's hard disk in the folder (directory) you selected.  You can then use any photo editing or photo printing application you have to print the photo.  You can also e-mail the photo to family and friends.  Note that these photos are low resolution photos so you will not be able to enlarge them when printing - enlarging them will cause them to become blurry.

The Photo Galleries follow...

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