Ventana Lakes
Property Owners' Association

Office Hours & Services

The following Office Hours and Services are available at the VLPOA Management Office
10874 W. Chino Drive, Sun City, AZ 85373

Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm (No Closure For Lunch)
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: Closed

To schedule an office visit outside of Office Hours
please call the office to setup an appointment

Contact Us

For Phone Numbers and other VLPOA Office contact information CLICK HERE

Office Services

  8-1/2x11 - Black & White - $0.10 per sheet Single Sided, - $0.15 per sheet Double Sided
  8-1/2x11 - Color - $0.20 per sheet Single Sided - $0.30 per sheet Double Sided

  8-1/2x14 (Legal) - Black & White - $0.15 per sheet Single Sided - $0.20 per sheet Double Sided
  8-1/2x14 (Legal) - Color - $0.30 per sheet Single Sided - $0.50 per sheet Double Sided

  11x17 - Black & White - $0.20 per sheet Single Sided - $0.30 per sheet Double Sided
  11x17 - Color - $0.40 per sheet Single Sided - $0.60 per sheet Double Sided

  Domestic Long Distance Receiving / Sending: $1.00 for first page / $0.25 for each additional page.
  International Long Distance Receiving / Sending: $3.00 per minute.

Items Available at the Management Office

Resident Identification Badges:
Identification Badges issued by the VLPOA are required to be worn or in the possession of residents and/or their guests per Rule 3 (CLICK HERE).  VLPOA ID Badges are not transferable, meaning a resident cannot provide their badge to another family member or friend for use.  Badges are not required when walking the sidewalks along streets within the community because these are public streets and sidewalks.

Guest Passes:
Authorized Guest is defined as someone who is temporarily residing with a Resident.

Day Guest - is an infrequent visitor who remains 24 hours or less. A Day Guest does not have to wear a Guest Pass but must be accompanied by a homeowner in all common areas and facilities.

Guest Pass - may be issued for a person over 18 years of age residing in the household of a Ventana Lakes resident, for a period of one (1) to thirty (30) calendar days. The host resident shall make application to the Management Office for issuance of Guest Pass. Once issued, guests are entitled to all recreational and other privileges afforded the homeowner, and adult guests may enjoy those facilities unescorted. Children under the age of 18 SHALL be escorted by an adult resident or authorized guest at all times. Certain facilities, not available to persons under 18 years of age, are posted accordingly.

VLPOA Keys are used to enter the 4 swimming pools, the Recreation Center, the Game Room, the Craft Building, the Handball Court, the Croquet Court in the Water Retention Area (At 104th Dr and Pontiac Dr), and the Billiards Room.  A $50.00 deposit is required to obtain a key.  Residents are allowed to obtain up to two keys per household.