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You can email all Board members for the VLPOA, or any one specific Board member from the following links.  Click on the "All Board Members" link below, or the link to any one Board member to launch your email application with an email addressed to the Board member(s).  Complete the body of your email message and click send.  THANK YOU


Please type your Name, Address, and Phone Number into the body of your email message to insure that the Board member(s) you are writing to knows who the email is from.  Also please type in a "Subject" for your email in the Subject area for your email.


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Lori Norris (President) -

Ken Matz (Vice President) -

Pat Roark (Secretary) -

Larry Englerth (Treasurer) -

Carol Burris (Director) -

Chet Homan (Director) -

Tony Fiore (Director) -