Ventana Lakes
Property Owners' Association

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Lori Norris

Vice President
Ken Matz

Pat Roark

Larry Englerth

Kathy Kovalesky

Chet Homan


Chris Samples

Terms Of Office For Board Members:
(Term Of Office Expires On Date Shown)

Chris Samples - March 2016
Chet Homan - March 2016

Lori Norris - March 2016
Ken Matz - March 2017
Pat Roark - March 2017

Larry Englerth - March 2018
Kathy Kovalesky - March 2018



Board Monthly Business Meetings / Annual Meeting

Special Board Business Meetings
Board Work Sessions

Board Coffee Forums


Monthly Board Business Meetings (MBBM) are in GREEN Print

Special Board Business Meetings (SBBM) are in BLUE Print

Board Workshop / Study Sessions (BWSS) are in BLACK Print
Ventana Lakes POA Annual Meeting (AM) is in Red
Board Organizational Meeting (BOM) is in Red


(The Following Scheduled Meetings Are Open To All Residents)

May 26 (SBBM) Tuesday 1:00pm Yacht Club
June 3 (BWSS) Wednesday 2:00pm Yacht club
June 17 (MBBM) Wednesday 6:30pm Yacht Club
July 1  (BWSS) Wednesday 2:00pm Yacht club
July 18   (MBBM) Saturday 9:30am
After Coffee Forum
Yacht Club
August 5 (BWSS) Wednesday 2:00pm Yacht club
August 19 (MBBM) Wednesday 1:30pm Yacht Club
September 2 (BWSS) Wednesday 2:00pm Yacht club
September 16 (MBBM) Wednesday 6:30pm Yacht Club
October 7 (BWSS) Wednesday 2:00pm Yacht club
October 17 (MBBM) Saturday 9:30am
After Coffee Forum
Yacht Club
November 4 (BWSS) Wednesday 2:00pm Yacht club
November 18 (MBBM) Wednesday 1:30pm Yacht Club
December 2 (BWSS) Wednesday 2:00pm Yacht club
December 16 (MBBM) Wednesday 6:30pm Yacht Club
January 6 (BWSS) Wednesday 2:00pm Yacht club
January 16 (MBBM) Saturday 9:30am
After Coffee Forum
Yacht Club
February 2 (BWSS) Wednesday 2:00pm Yacht club
February 17 (MBBM) Wednesday 1:30pm Yacht Club
March 1 (AM) Tuesday 7:00pm Yacht Club


Monthly Board Business Meetings (MBBM)

The Monthly Board Business Meetings of the Board of Directors are the official Board meetings for the VLPOA, and are scheduled as shown in the table above in GREEN print.  Generally the meetings are held just after the 15th of each month so that the Financial Reports for the proceeding month can be received and analyzed.  These meetings rotate from a Wednesday at 1:30pm, to a Wednesday at 6:30pm, to a Saturday at 9:30am to give all residents an opportunity to attend a meeting.  At these monthly Board Business Meetings the official business of the Association is conducted, and there is an agenda, and minutes.  All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend all Monthly Board Business Meetings.


Special Board Business Meetings (SBBM)

Special Board Business Meetings need to be called from time-to-time and are scheduled and announced a minimum of 48 hours prior to the meeting.  They are scheduled for a "Special" purpose, and only the subject/purpose of the meeting is discussed.  There are Agendas and Minutes for a Special Board Business Meeting.  Special Board Business Meetings are shown in BLUE print in the above table when scheduled.


Board Work Shop / Work Study Sessions (BWSS)

Board Work/Study Sessions are held to provide the Board the opportunity to prepare for an upcoming Board Business Meeting or to investigate a particular topic.  This preparation involves, but is not limited to, general discussion to establish an agenda, obtaining input from residents and vendors on a topic of interest, and other items as needed.  A vote on the business of the Association is not conducted at a Board Work/Study Session.  Board Work/Study Sessions are shown in BLACK print in the above table when scheduled.

Executive Session Board Meetings
(Meetings Are Closed To Residents)


From time-to-time the Board must meet in closed Executive Session.  An agenda providing a general description of the item(s) to be discussed will be published a minimum of 48 hours prior to an Executive Session.  However, no minutes are published to the community for Executive Sessions.  State law covers which items may be discussed in a close Executive Session such as delinquent property owner accounts, job performance and personnel issues, and items that may result in pending or contemplated litigation.  Executive Sessions are not shown in the above scheduled meeting table because they are called as needed, but the agenda / notice will be shown HERE.  Only the Board of Directors, and/or POA Manager, and invited individuals when required attend Executive Sessions.


Board Organizational Meetings (BOM)


Within a few days after the VLPOA Annual Meeting, where members of the Board of Directors are elected, the Board will hold an Organizational Meeting.  At this meeting the officers of the Board for the next 12 months are elected.  Board meetings are generally also scheduled at the meeting for the next 12 months.  And other topics can be discussed to organize the Board.  Board Organizational Meetings are shown in RED print in the above table when scheduled.  All residents can attend Board Organizational Meetings.