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Architecture Control

General Information Regarding Architectural Control

Any alteration or change to the exterior of property in Ventana Lakes MUST be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to a property owner making the change.  This is a requirement of the Association CC&Rs, Article IV, Section II(a).

The Association Board of Directors appoints the Architectural Committee who then serves as a review group as specified in the Ventana Lakes POA CC&Rs Article XI, Section I.  The Committee's responsibility is to review all property owner requests' for alterations, changes, or additions affecting the appearance, dimension, and function of the exterior of their property.  Committee members are also responsible for the visual inspection and final approval of the changes upon completion of the work.  The Committee must review and take action on all submitted requests within 30 days of receipt of the Architectural Change Request Form.

All property owners who want to make alterations, changes, or additions affecting the appearance, dimension, and function of the exterior of their property are required to complete an Architectural Change Request Form and submit it to the Architectural Committee.  The Application should be submitted by 4:00pm each Wednesday.  Property owners are encouraged to attach sketches, drawings, and/or photographs to their Application to help the Committee members gain a better understanding of the proposed changes.  Architectural Change Requests received after 4:00pm on Wednesday will be held an additional week due to the lead-time required for Architectural Committee meeting agenda preparations.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that any proposed change to the exterior of their property is also approved by governmental agencies where required (i.e. a building permit may be required).

The Architectural Committee typically meets each week on Monday at 10:00am in the Management Office Property owners are welcome to attend these meetings.

The Architectural Committee will notify the property owner in writing of the committee's decision on their Architectural Change Request.  This notification will include a copy of the original application for future use.  Committee members may:

  "Approve" or "Approve with Stipulation" the Change Request or,

  "Table" the Change Request because additional information is needed or,

  "Deny" a property owner's Change Request to make changes to the exterior of their property because the proposed change does not meet the CC&Rs or the current community Architectural Guidelines.

When the work has been completed, the approved Architectural Change Request Form should be signed at the bottom by the property homeowner and with a note of the date the work was completed.  The form is then to be returned to the Management Office for use by the Architectural Committee.  One or more Committee members will then meet with the property owner to inspect and verify that the work was completed in accordance with the approved Architectural Change Request.  If there is a need to enter the property to do a final inspection, committee members will ask permission from the property owner before entering the property to conduct the inspection.

Failure to comply with these Architectural Control requirements may result in unnecessary expenses to the property owner because reversal of the changes to the exterior of the property could be required.

Architectural Control Governing Documents

Article IV Section II of the CC&Rs covers Architectural Control and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.  Also included here is a link to the Ventana Lakes Rules which include the Architectural and Landscaping Requirements (Rule 1 for Homeowners).  You will need the Adobe Reader to view and print these documents.  The Adobe Reader can be downloaded and installed for free by clicking on the Adobe Reader icon at the bottom of this page.

Ventana Lakes Rules

Architectural Change Request Forms

You can download and print Architectural Change Request Forms using the Adobe Reader from our Online Forms page.  If you do not have the Adobe Reader you can download and install it for free by clicking on the Adobe Reader icon at the bottom of this page.

CLICK HERE to go to Online Forms

After completing an Architectural Change Request form, either fax it to (623) 566-5393, or bring it to the Management Office.  Deadline for submission is each Wednesday at 4:00pm.

Approved Paint Colors For Homes

House paint colors are now updated at the Dunn Edwards store and they can be viewed on line at the link below but do not follow the directions given on their website, instead use these directions for accessing the site:

1 - Zip Code: 85382  DO NOT enter 85373.  It will only recognize the Peoria zip code.
2 - Drop down "Select and Association" - Ventana Lakes.
3 - Wait a few seconds and the screen will appear with the paint schemes.

If you have any questions please call the Management Office.  The Link Follows: