Ventana Lakes
Property Owners' Association



BC=Bocce Court, BR=Billiards Room, ED-A=Edgewater Ceramics, ED-B=Edgewater Quilting,
CP=Coves Pool,  ER=Exercise Room, LKS=Lakeside, HP=Horseshoe Pit,
MO=Management Office, NP=North Park Pool, HB=Handball Court, LDS=Landings,
SC=Shuffleboard Court, TC=Tennis Court, YC=Yacht Club

Thur - Nov 6
Good Morning everyone  -  I hope that you enjoyed our Vendor’s Day.  We had a few new vendors and great selections for breakfast and lunch.   A huge thank you to our kitchen volunteers who worked so very hard all day long.   Awesome job!!!

FYI – A big thank you to Bob Fincher and Carol Robinette. They were at the Yacht Club Monday night taking down the Halloween decorations and they stayed to help set up for Vendor’s Day; no one else showed up to help. Tuesday after the vendors left not one person came to help break it down, either. Thank you to Bill Jones and Kathy Frieda who were there all day working but stayed and helped me do what we could.  How I appreciated that, thank you, thank you.   

If anyone plans to attend an event, try to get your tickets early.  It is starting to get really busy. The bus trips are the first to fill up. Don’t wait until the last minute; you might not get in.   We need a certain number of tickets sold or signups for each event (the number varies depending on the event).  Remember we are advertising in the newspapers and online for certain events because  we weren’t getting enough participation from our residents to pay for certain things going on. 



SATURDAY NIGHT  -  6:30 – 9:30  we have “THE BRANDED COUNTRY BAND” featuring Lee and Billy Jay Benson.  Tickets are $7.00 at the office .  Also, we are serving dinner made in our own kitchen for just $5.00.  You do not have to purchase the meal in order to go to the event.  If you do plan to eat, however, you must get your meal ticket at the office in advance. You will not be able to order food once you get there. 

 Dinner includes : PULLED  CHICKEN, COLE SLAW, BAKED  BEANS,  HOT OR COLD BEVERAGE AND  DESSERT.   BYOB    There will also be a contest for the  BEST DRESSED  COWBOY & COWGIRL 

NOVEMBER  9  SUNDAY   2:00  &  7:00   Y.C. THE  MIGHTY WARRIORS BENEFIT VARIETY SHOW  tickets $10.00 at office

·   America’s Mighty Warriors  was founded by Debbie Lee  to honor her fallen son,  Navy Seal  Marc Alan Lee.  Donations to AMW benefit the  following:  Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) - Helping veterans heal. This  treatment is not covered by insurance.

· Gold Star Family Retreat—there are several retreats throughout the country. This is one of two options  allowing much deserved relaxation and rejuvenation.

· Heroes Hope Home—the second option available to families of the fallen.

‘Barrels for Vets Donations Welcome

 They will be collecting things like toiletries – socks – wash cloths – etc.

November 14 & 15  Ventana Lakes Garage Sale  -   Are you ready?

(See separate email blast from Rhonda for items being sold by Ventana Lakes)

Thank you, if you have any questions please call.