Ventana Lakes
Property Owners' Association



BC=Bocce Court, BR=Billiards Room, ED-A=Edgewater Ceramics, ED-B=Edgewater Quilting,
CP=Coves Pool,  ER=Exercise Room, LKS=Lakeside, HP=Horseshoe Pit,
MO=Management Office, NP=North Park Pool, HB=Handball Court, LDS=Landings,
SC=Shuffleboard Court, TC=Tennis Court, YC=Yacht Club

Tue - May 20
This year we will be having a relatively short service, which will be held outside of the Yacht Club, starting at 8:00am.  Please call the office if you will be attending.

ACTIVITY MEETINGS not only determine which activities happen, but volunteers are needed to make them happen! 

The following are tasks that need to be done by volunteers.  Keep in mind each event is unique and we may need other tasks completed.

Before the Event

  Setting up the room – tables & chairs

  Decorations for the room, stage, or anywhere in the Yacht Club

  Cleaning and sanitizing tables

  Table centerpieces

  Collecting tickets, payment or signing in at the door

  Helping  residents find seats

During the event

  Being available for any questions or concerns from residents or entertainment

After the event

  Removing all trash from tables – cups, bottles, wrappers, etc.

  Washing and sanitizing tables

  Stacking and Moving chairs back

  Check the building – make sure everything is in place

  Payment for entertainment

  Lock all doors

 If there is food involved

We need residents, especially those with, FOOD HANDLER CERTIFICATIONS.  This task is a lot more involved and there are times when it takes many days to get prepared for an event.  Volunteers are needed for anything from cooking the main dinner, filling pitchers with ice and water to just washing dishes or cleaning off tables.  Legally, no one is allowed in the kitchen without a food handlers card.  For anyone without a F.H.CARD to collect dirty silverware or to refill their water pitcher or to get some ice,  is a NO-NO.  It all depends on what we are planning as to how many people we need to help.  Without volunteers, the show can’t go on.

Office work

There have been times when I needed help with sorting, cutting papers, laminating, different things to get things done quicker.  Making things for certain events, example: bookmarkers for our Veterans.


There have been times when things that we needed done could be done at home.  Example: Trash bags being sorted by size and rolled up nice in separate containers.  When we need them for an events, they are ready to go on to the tables.

Flyer distribution

Monthly flyers need to be posted in 6 different areas of Ventana.  When things change, flyers need to be changed also.

At the meetings we discuss what events we could have in the future and what people would be interested in having here in Ventana.  We definitely want your opinions, suggestions.  Please feel free to bring up whatever ideas you may have.


Mon - May 11
Get Your Motor Running - Show off your ride - Join us for camaraderie

Ventana Lakes 1st  **Bike Night**
hursday, May 22, 2015 at 6:00 pm in the Yacht Club Parking Lot.
All are welcome, even if you don’t have a motorcycle, come on out and meet your neighbors.


Fri - May 8
Some activities coming up for the week ending May 16th.

Lunch Time Special – Wednesday the 13th in the Yacht Club at 12:30.  A variety of lunches to be served for $6.00 while they last.  Sign up in the office soon!

Tru-Memories – Dance/Food and a great band to entertain you.  Oldies but goodies, doowop and much more.  Saturday the 16th at the Yacht Club from 7pm to 10pm.  Pizza, salad and dessert tickets are $6.00 and the Dance tickets are $7.00.  Hurry as the deadline to buy tickets is Monday the 11th!

Time Changes for the following activities:
Pickleball playing time is as follows:
   Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30 am
   Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm
Water Volleyball at the Yacht Club Pool on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm


Tue - May 5
The time listed in the May Ventana Views for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning water aerobics at the Landings is incorrect. It currently reads 7am. Through the month of May, it will begin at 7:45am. The change to 7:00 will occur in June.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any questions, please let me know.

- - - - - - - - - -

Recently, we conducted a survey asking owners here various questions about Activities. We didn’t get a very large response, but the responses we did get indicated support for continued Community activities.

The issue we’ve had and continue to have is that there’s no real indication of what will actually increase participation. The Casino trips do very well, but the participation in other types of functions, whether shows or activities is spotty, at best.

In efforts to develop functions you will enjoy, I would like to gauge your interest on the items to follow. I’d like to ask everyone reading this email to please respond if any of these items appeal to you or if you would be interested in participating or developing any of these ideas.

Wii game – Bowling league
Wii game – Golf
Wii game – Mario Cart
Wii game – Trivia

All of the Wii games involve, obviously, the use of our Wii gaming console. For those of you unfamiliar with this gaming system, it’s an interactive game whereby your physical actions direct the actions on the gaming system. Those of you familiar can attest to how fun this can be and, depending on the game, it can be quite the workout. Those more limited in mobility can still enjoy the games as they can be played seated or standing.

Game Night – Trivia Contest (teams and individuals)
A complete ‘hodge podge’ of trivia games provide the questions in this idea. Parties can compete as individuals or teams. We can do small prizes (with entry fees).

Classic Car/ Motorcycle Show –
Owners of classic cars or motorcycles bring their ‘babies’ to the Yacht Club to show off. We can do a very informal display or we can do an entry fee/prize type of program.

State Parties –
We can do themed parties, celebrating the various foods/traditions of home. All would be welcome, of course, but we’d need leaders, for example, Illinois natives to put together an “Illinois Party” featuring foods, music and Chicago themed games.

Ethnic Parties –
We can work with various volunteers to put together themed parties like “Greek Night” or “Polish Night” celebrating the food, music and traditions of other cultures.

Pot Lucks –
We can have various parties at the Landings, either themed or not, where folks bring their favorite dishes to share. This can be simple or more elaborate. We can have a ‘bake off’ or ‘chili contest’ type of event if we have the interest.

Lip Sync/ Variety Shows –
We have very talented people here. Many of our residents perform in other places; why not here? Would you like to get a ‘theater group’ together and perform plays? What about a Lip Sync show, where eight or ten ‘acts’ perform? These types of shows have very little cost and can be a very fun way to celebrate the talent of your neighbors.

Hosted Trivia/Game Events –
There is a vendor who hosts (at a nominal fee) a ‘video trivia and game’ function with music and prizes. There are various types of formats for this show such as, “name that tune”, “rocking music bingo” and “survey says trivia”. All participants are invited to play.

Please respond to this email with your opinions on the above. Please attend the Activities meetings to provide your opinions on these and various other types of events. We’ve had many suggestions, but we need your feedback and help to get them off the ground.

Would you like more events in the day time? Would it interest you to see a band at 3PM? What about weekly lunches at the Yacht Club? Or a Ladies Tea? What about a Senior Prom? Please help us bring to you the type and scope of event that interests you.


Tue - Apr 28
Hello everyone,

Just a little reminder of what’s happening and the events that you need to sign up for:




Bob Hoover, who is now age 93, is considered by many to be the world's greatest living pilot.  One of his many adventures includes stealing a German airplane (FW 190) and flying it out of Germany as part of his escape from a German prisoner of war camp in World War II.  Throughout his lifetime he has thrilled millions of people at his incredible air shows and wonderful story telling sessions.

Several months ago, a documentary called  Flying the Feathered Edge was made of Bob Hoover's amazing life story.  Ventana Lakes resident and former Air Force fighter pilot, Bud Hesterman, has a copy of the DVD, and would like to share it with anyone in the Ventana Lakes area at the Yacht Club on Wed. April 29 at 7:00 pm.  Admission is free.  After viewing the film, Bud will tell his story about a very cold and wet survival experience he had after ejecting out of an F-105 and taking a swim  in the Sea of Japan a little over 51 years ago. 

Please come and see this wonderful film and hear Bud's story, and bring a friend.






MAY 8th  - FRIDAY- 12:00 - 1:00 - Y.C.           EDUCATIONAL LECTURE SERIES

The Latest Research Using Stem Cells from Fat for Degenerative Disorders

Refreshments,  SUBWAY Catering, &  Presentation provided by
Steven Gitt, MD, FACS --- Stem Cell Research Surgeon   

If you wish to attend, please call the office 623-566-6001 to sign up.  We would like to have a correct count for the refreshments.


May 17, Sunday  - $20.00     CASINO, SHOW & LUNCH BUS TRIP     

Working Class Hero   A Tribute to  John Lennon

Working Class Hero  -  has been developed as a tribute to the  music and spirit of John Lennon.   The bus leaves at 11:00am at the Yacht Club and we are off to the Wild Horse Pass Casino. You will receive a  lunch (12:30) of your choice (2 restaurants to choose from), a show ticket, a  bus ride and your gratuities. The bus will leave the casino at 6:00.  Sign up now at the office                                                                 



Would you be interested in going out for a turkey dinner show on Thanksgiving Day?  It would be a Variety show.  The name of the establishment is called ‘BARLEENS’.  It is very well known , you can look it up on the web.  I would have to book it in the next couple of weeks, So I would like to get some feedback.  If this sounds like something you would like, please ask you friends, family and neighbors if they would be interested.  To keep the cost down, we would have to FILL the bus. Please call me, leave a note or drop by to let me know. 



Wed - Apr 15
Hello everyone:

The attendance at the Activity Meeting wasn’t very good.  This meeting is to try and put the events together.  We discuss everything that is involved in making our event successful.  We try to fill the calendar with volunteers for the following month, from hanging flyers, setting up tables, sanitizing them, decorating them, tickets takers, helping people to their tables, kitchen helpers all around, selling raffle tickets to tables, and of course cleaning up. 

We have been trying to give at least one lesson in the kitchen. We also talk about suggestions on meals, entertainment, and events.

This is getting harder to accomplish with so few attendees.  I have tried different times and days for the meetings.  So I need your input – What day would be best for you and what time of the day?  Call me, send an e-mail or drop off your suggestions at the office.  Majority rules – whatever you want is what we will do.

Our next meeting – MAY 11th at 8:30 in the Yacht Club and we can discuss when you want the next meetings to be.

Our community YARD SALE will be held on MAY 1, Friday and MAY 2, Saturday from 8 – 1.  It will be advertised by way of newspapers, flyers, bulk mail and on the internet.  There will be a map made with all of the participating homes highlighted.  If you wish to be included, sign up at the office and the cost is $1.00.

We need help on MEMORIAL DAY.  Please call for more details.   We can’t have an inside program without volunteers.   It is only 6 weeks away.  We will be having a meeting on Monday morning at 9:30 – Y.C.

The sound committee is still looking for volunteers.  Please call Bill Jones or Cyril Colbert.  They desperately need your help.

The MOTOWN dinner dance has been rescheduled.

April 29 – Wednesday – Don’t forget to sign up for our event led by Bud Hesterman -  FREE FLYING THE FEATHERED EDGE see page 18 of Ventana Views.  You don’t want to miss this one – so interesting