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Proposed Agenda Item(s) Form

This Online Form is to be used to send your Board of Directors suggested agenda item(s) for their consideration at an upcoming Board meeting.  This form should be submitted no less than ten days prior to a regularly scheduled Board meeting to have it placed on the agenda.  If it is not, it may be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  When placed on the agenda, you should be present to answer any questions the Board may have regarding your proposal.  At the meeting where the agenda item(s) has been placed on the agenda, it will require a motion and a second by a Board member for the item(s) to be considered and/or discussed.  If no motion is made it means the Board will not take action on your item(s).  If there is a motion and a second your item(s) will be discussed, and the item(s) may be tabled for further study, may be approved, or may be denied.

You must complete each input box of this form with the information requested - this is a requirement to submit the form.  It is important that we receive this information with a clear explanation of your proposed agenda item(s).  Also include any action you wish the Board to take.

Notice:  It is required that you type the requested information into each field.  Also, please press the "TAB" key or use your mouse to move between input boxes.

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When finished you must click on the "Submit" button below to submit your proposed agenda item(s).  Your request will be submitted to the VLPOA President.  To start over and clear all input boxes click on the "Reset" button.

Form Issued: 2012-10-02a