In Ventana Lakes We CALL THE POLICE!

The next Block Watch meeting
 is July 26 in the Lakeside (Old Card Building)

Block Watch Flash – Home Burglarized
On July 17 a home in the 10800 block of Chisholm was burglarized.  The residents were at a doctor’s appointment.  A neighbor saw an older model red car parked at the house and he thought it was strange since he knew the residents were at a doctor’s appointment.  He later walked over to see what was going on and two young men squealed out of the driveway.  The door was kicked in, all the drawers were gone through, and TV’s and jewelry are missing.  A police report has been filed.

Ventana Lakes Block Watch Says…
If you see or suspect anything suspicious always immediately call Peoria PD.  Do not investigate yourself because you could be hurt.  This was a suspicious situation.  Peoria PD has told us that if we see anything suspicious please call and do not wait, do not get involved, and they will investigate.  They would rather respond to nothing than to miss an opportunity to catch the bad buys because most likely, the bad guys will do it again to someone else.  Dial 911 and tell the dispatcher what you see and why you are suspicious.  Peoria PD will respond in minutes.



Officer K. Smith is a Contact for Ventana Lakes

Officer Foote is a Contact for Ventana Lakes

City Of Peoria Police Department
Become A Crime Shield Certified Property

Are you interested in doing what you can do to deter
Crime at your home.  Contact the City of Peoria Police
Department and enroll in the Crime Shield Program.

Click this Link or the Crime Shield Logo for more Information.

Ventana Lakes Block Watch Captains taken on January 25, 2014


Block Watch Captains with Officer Katelyn Smith and Office Aaron Foote taken on February 22, 2014

Ventana Lakes Block Watch:
Block Watch is a community partnership crime prevention program where residents in a community such as Ventana Lakes work together, and with their local police department to help reduce crime in their neighborhood.

Residents can support Block Watch by getting to know their neighbors, watching out for each other, serving as the eyes and ears of the community, and reporting any suspicious activity to the Police Department.  Block Watch supporters do not confront people or put themselves into potentially dangerous situation.  Block Watch supporters do become active partners with the police by watching each other's homes and calling the police  to help reduce crime in our community.

In Ventana Lakes, Block Watch is a community wide approach with our Ventana Lakes neighbors working together with the City Of Peoria Police Department.  Neighbors watching out for neighbors who call the police if they see or hear anything suspicious.  In Ventana Lakes we want you to always CALL THE POLICE...

If you see any crime in progress or emergency situation call 9-1-1 immediately.  If you see or hear any suspicious activity or see something that just doesn't appear right call the Peoria Police at the non-emergency number (623) 773-8311 (You can press zero expedite the call).  The Peoria Police will investigate and take the appropriate action.

After you have called the police and the situation is under control, Ventana Lakes Block Watch would appreciate you sending us a Crime Incident Report by clicking on the "Report A Crime Incident" Link button.

The Chairperson of Ventana Lakes Block Watch is Chuck Schumm.  The Co-Chairperson is Nancy Kimberlin.

City Of Peoria POLICE Phone Numbers:
Non-Emergency: (623) 773-8311

Please Remember To Always
Keep Your Garage Doors Closed And Vehicles Locked