Ventana Lakes
Property Owners' Association


New Website, please sign up ASAP so you will continue to receive email blasts!

The new website is available for you to register. Please remember to mark {hide from address book} any information you do not want available to other residents.

Please click here:

Please go to the new website and, if you donít have a login, click Login Request Form. Fill out your information and submit. During working hours (8:30am-4:30pm) we will respond to those requests and you should get an email back with your password.

In order to receive Email blasts from our office, please do the following when you are logged into the website:

   - Please go to My Profile on the left. Click on My Profile, not Account Info.

   - You should see 4 tabs under Edit Person Ė Ventana Lakes POA: User Profile, Subscriptions, My Documents, My eForms

   - Click on Subscriptions

   - Please put a check mark in the box next to Web Site Announcements so you can receive the Email blasts from the office.

   - Hit Save Changes at the bottom.

There is a form under eForms for website suggestions. Please use this form if you have any suggestions so we can properly respond. If you have already registered, please disregard this notice.

Questions? Please email or call the office.

The website has many features, including; Fully searchable directory, events, calendar, e-forms and e-mail bulletins, your personal account information, live data look-ups, announcements, hot links, classifieds, board and committee listings, facilities information, reservations, maps, documents, recipe exchange, requests and questions, and surveys.